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Who we Are

ProVision Business Advisors is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We work with business owners and professional firms supporting frustrated owners and managing partners to improve their business management & leadership skills, processes and knowledge. ProVision Business Advisors also offers succession, family business & exit planning programs; business acquisition programs; business & professional practice management programs; cash management programs and employee performance management programs. 

ProVision Business Advisors

Our Mission

ProVision Business Advisors gives business and firm leaders an accessible way to gain insight into “levelling up” strategies. By selecting and implementing strategic initiatives that drive better cash flows and improve their organizational performance, owners and partners double down to achieve their strategic priorities, accelerate the value growth of the organization, enjoy their work more and realize their legacy.

Leaders of family businesses level up their interaction skills enabling them to improve the harmony between the business and the family, better plan and execute on their succession plan and transition ownership.

ProVision Business Advisors

Our Vision

We see a future where good people are great managers, strategic partners and intentional, value-building business owners. A future where members of family enterprises live and work in harmony with each other

ProVision Business Advisors

Our Values

Continuous Improvement – always raise the bar; never be satisfied with the status quo. We bring innovation into our daily tasks looking for better ways of doing things

 Personal and Professional Integrity – hold to principles, deliver outstanding work that meets personal and firm standards. We focus on results and stand on creating value to help reach success and be adaptable to new situations

 Seek, Accept and Encourage Responsibility – be proactive, be a leader, discourage passivity. We strongly value commitment.

Openness and Cooperation – emphasis on teamwork and open communication, constructive interaction with clients and colleagues, no cynicism, pitch in and help out.

Catalyst – act as catalysts through the sound knowledge, expertise, tools and solutions that we offer. Make the best out of ideas and take projects to the next level.

Our team

Meet the Team

Founder and senior advisors at ProVision Business Advisors

Laura Bechard

founder and senior


Laura Bechard, CPA, CGA, MBA, M Ed is our founder and senior advisor. She co-owns a family business (crop production farm) in Saskatchewan that started its operations in 1905 and is now being operated by the 4th and 5thgenerations of the Bechard family.  Laura’s an experienced facilitator and business educator bringing expertise in accounting / finance (CPA, MBA), change & transition management (PROSCI Certified), human performance management (M Ed, DiSC), strategic, succession and exit planning (MBA, Value Builder, CEPA).

Laura holds certifications business coaching, change management, exit planning and leadership development. She is a certified facilitator for Colour Spectrums, Development Dimensions International (DDI), Shifting to Wellness and Instructional Skills Workshop.

As a DiC on the DiSC profile, Laura focuses on getting things done using reliable processes and planning for the people side in the execution and implementation of decisions. Using the Clifton Strengths, her strengths include Maximizer, Relator and Learner. These strengths are leveraged in strategic thinking and  planning by analyzing information to inform better decisions, building deep relationships with clients and influencing others to lead by taking good ideas and practices to make them even better.

Laura believes that business owners and firm partners are good people who can become better business decision makers and managers. Managing owners and managing partners of professional firms benefit from external advisors by improving their people and financial management. Business owners and managers develop productive interaction and communication skills, adopt effective business practices and enjoy more time with family and friends.

When she’s not chatting with business partners and colleagues, Laura enjoys travelling (especially to see her daughter in Sydney, Aus) cooking, baking, reading and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Victoria Nukiry

Web and Platform


Victoria is an emerging digital marketer with background experience in social media management, content writing, and general administration. A recent Digital Marketing graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, she is eager to utilize her strategic mindset to deliver the best possible service to clients. Mariella is also working to finish her degree at Mount Royal University to pursue her passion in Marketing and Communications.