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If you are thinking about buying a business for the first time, you might be working with a business broker who is helping with the search. Business brokers often bring buyers and sellers together; smart buyers know that they need their own advisor: one who is 100% in their corner, helping them assess target companies, asking good questions, supporting them through the buying process and guiding them through due diligence, a time to confirm that what you think you are buying is what you are actually buying. 

If you are worried that you might buy a lemon because you are an inexperienced buyer, we can help.

If you are planning to buy a business or have purchased a business in Canada recently, you can likely relate to one or more of these statements:

  • You’re worried that you might make a bad purchase decision and don’t know where to get help. Your dream may become a nightmare!
  • You feel that the seller wasn’t completely transparent with you about the success of the business
  • Managing the people that your business depends on isn’t as easy as you thought it would be – staff, suppliers and clients
  • Planning and managing cash through the peaks and valleys of your operating cycles is giving you grief

We Get It

Whether you’re planning your first acquisition or have already purchased a business, you want it to be successful – contribute to your financial and lifestyle goals. You, and many more like you, are good people wanting to build a successful business to benefit your family, create jobs in the community and serve the clients. Although you may be well versed in the industry, you may have less experience when it comes to assessing the risks and valuing a business before making an offer. Your experience may not have prepared you for the owner roles and the decisions you are making to sustain and grow the business.

Our Programs


For first time business buyers including immigrants using the Owner Operator LMIA stream.
If you are worried that you might buy an unprofitable business because you are an inexperienced buyer.

Get an advisor 100% in your corner

This 12-hour DIY program includes:

✓ how to find and assess target companies for acquisition

✓ become familiar with the buying process and various players

✓ discuss bankability, deal structure and financing options and

✓ receive guidance on implementing changes post acquisition

✓ an orientation to the business planning process


For first time business buyers who are in their first 18 months of business ownership.
The program supports new business owners who are transitioning into a business owner role from an employee role.

Get an overview of key success factors.

This 12-hour DIY program includes skill and knowledge building in 4 primary areas:

✓ Financial Management

✓ People Management

✓ Change Management

✓ Strategic Planning

Activities than generate, produce, sustain, support and enhance income.  

Next Steps

For new owners looking for more in-depth information and support

Dive Deep to become expert business owners

See our Business Owner Programs

Ask us about our customized consulting – Business & Feasibility plans, strategic planning, Financial Analysis, Pitch decks and more.

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