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If you are a CPA, public practice accountant or bookkeeper in Canada frustrated with your practice, you can likely relate to one of more of these statements:

– You’re an experienced tax, accounting and compliance specialist and you are a little embarrassed about the state of your practice

– You haven’t been able to take an unplugged vacation in at least 2 years

– You hire competent talent but are frustrated that they are not meeting your performance standards

– Your cash gap is growing from unbillable time, slow paying clients and escalating tech stack among other things

– You’re a really good person who wants to be a more effective manager

– You’re not running your practice: your practice is running you

We Get It

You never learned the management part of owning a public practice before! You, and thousands more like you, are good people wanting to provide great service to your clients and be known as a great place to work. 

Our Programs

Ideal for firm owners and managing partners in CPA, Accounting, Legal, IT, and technical firms who want to dive deep into solving people issues.

Monthly module release to become better managers of people

✓ Assess the effectiveness of your hiring and onboarding processes

✓ Improve your routines and skill in providing corrective feedback & managing performance

✓ Improve your routines and skill in building a more engaged and committed team

✓ Improve your expectation management & delegation skills

✓ Review your compensation structure and reward / incentive programs

✓ Run more effective team meetings

✓ Improve your organization’s culture

Ideal for practice owners and managing partners seeking to get “hands off” from day-to-day management.

Monthly module release to transform you into an expert firm owner. 

✓ Assess your gaps and develop your 100-day challenge.

✓ Assess team and identify succession and delegation plan

✓ Assess and improve your client management

✓ Assess and improve your time management and productivity

✓ Assess and improve your cash management and financing plan including compensation and partner equity

✓ Assess and improve your pricing, offerings and marketing mix

✓ Assess your supplier and contractor management and performance

✓ Run more effective team and leadership meetings

Ideal for firm owners and managing partners seeking to grow and build a valuable practice, ready themselves for succession and the firm for sale

Monthly module release to initiate exit planning, reduce the risks in the business: cash, client, supplier, team, owner, competition, etc.

✓ Identify the keys to growing profit and reducing risk in your business

✓ Assess client list, cost to serve and profitable segments.  

✓ Assess competitive position in the market and opportunities to differentiate your firm through niche strategy

✓ Assess your key person risks and opportunities to improve leverage through people & systems

✓ Understand the cash stories in your business, identify ways to improve cash management and controls

✓ Create your succession and exit plan identifying exit scenarios and action plans

Ideal for family businesses and entrepreneurial couples

Monthly module release to provide best practices in family business succession and management

✓ Conversation starters for key family and business topics

✓ Best practices related to family business operations, succession and transition

✓ Handing over the reins and roles for exiting family members

✓ Templates and guides for creating action and strategic plans, family policies & procedures

Ask us about customized consulting – strategic & exit planning, facilitation, workshops and more.

who we are

ProVision Business Advisors

ProVision Business Advisors is a boutique management consulting firm headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We work with CPAs, bookkeepers, legal and professional firms supporting frustrated managing partners to improve their practice management skills, processes and knowledge. ProVision Business Advisors also offers succession, family business & exit planning programs; business acquisition programs; professional practice management programs; cash management programs and employee performance management programs.

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